About Tiffany

Hi, I’m Tiffany Feger, your personal Pinellas County, Florida photographer.

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And I’m Michael, your other Florida photographer, available for travel.

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2014 self portrait


Michael says:
One. Two. Three. CHEESE!!!  I love capturing those happy moments in life, it’s both refreshing and rewarding.   I hope you will enjoy my style and approach to photography – fun, simple, clean, and flattering!  

I take pride in my ability to work with many different types of people, and enjoy helping people who may be a little nervous  initially to relax and get great photos. My goal is to make everyone who steps in front of my camera to feel good about themselves and have a great time, all while getting images that will stand the test of time.  The best advice that I can give to my clients, is to enjoy and embrace the moment.   

“Do anything, but let it produce joy.” – Walt Whitman



fall 2011 Self Portrait of me and my 3rd baby boy, Tyler

Tiffany says:
I am passionate about documenting important memories. Having quality photos of each stage of a baby’s cuteness seems as important as his scheduled pediatrician appointments. Personalities change and need to be documented throughout life. But there’s more to why I feel so strongly about documenting the memories. I do not have the best memory.  I get so nervous knowing how fragile life is. I am so afraid that I could forget the unique features, the smiles, the frowns, the signature smirk of those I love. I used to run to the corner drug store to print my film in 1 hour. It was too risky to have it shipped away for cheaper printing! I always got doubles so I could share the memories with my friends. I often got more copies of group shots or of the best pictures to pass out. It was really hard for me to switch to the digital era for fear of my memories being held hostage in my camera or on my computer. But of course I still print tangible copies, only at better photo labs without fear of loosing the negatives! Since my friends caught on to my need for quality photos of everybody and took full advantage, my husband noticed how much money was flying out the window with me continuing to happily print copies for them. He pushed me to make it official and start charging. I took a year to build my portfolio officially then finally launched Fishy Face Photography on January 1st 2010! I know it is a bit sad, but the fear of loosing memories gives me the drive to properly archive each living legacy. Once I realized my weak memory, my camera became like another appendage of mine, always handy, always being pushed to its limit, and now always naturally a part of my being. I would love to help you preserve your important memories as well.

This is who I am, I love it. I am able to become friends with even the smallest of my clients to get the perfect poses as well as the natural smiles and expressions.

Thank you for learning more about me and Fishy Face Photography! I look forward to getting to know you. Contact me here or call/text me. 727.481.8301